VH2 consultants have over 20 years of experience as current or former SME business owners, while some of have also held senior positions in large organisations. VH2 have devised a strategic, all-encompassing approach to business transformation and improvement, that is top-down, transparent and defensible, and with which VH2 consultants have established a successful track record of major successes. 

Not only has this included several small and medium sized organisations across a range of sectors, including Alliance Medical, Pertemps People Development Group, Hi-Q Systems, STASYS, Cornwell Management Consultants, and PCT Engineering, but VH2 consultants have also been involved in significant business transformations, mergers and acquisition, technology enabled change and capability management for asset rich organisations. 

The VH2 Approach is based on working with you and members of your organisation from the outset and throughout the project to ensure transformations stick and endure. We will firstly determine what outcomes you seek to achieve and agree with you the degree of desirable and feasible change. With you we will decide whether to improve your business performance by one or more combinations of enhancing your productivity, increasing business efficiency, simplifying and concentrating operations or increasing market share, and agree with you by how much, within what time frame and how this shall be achieved.

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VH2 consultants are well known for a strong consulting ethos which focuses on empowering you, a strong believe that working for you means putting you as customer first and a powerful conviction that transformations can only be successful and lasting through the use of participative and collaborative methods in order to be able to overcome understandable resistance and instead bringing about the right energy, commitment and joyful excitement that ‘thinking differently’ can bring about.
We refer to our book (Soft Systems Thinking) for a detailed explanation of several of our projects and the types of services involved.