Designing and Future-Proofing the Business

The small medium sized business sector provides a significant contribution to the UK economy. In 2016 1.7 million UK SMEs formed just over 99% of all private sector businesses with a combined turnover amassing 47¼% of all UK private sector turnover. 

For any SME business owner there comes a time that growths exceeds the capacity as founded on the operational excellence of you and your business, your brilliant ideas and cunning entrepreneurship. 

Sustaining your competitive advantage will demand you transform your business and implement more formal business practices, such as the integration of business functions, business development, quality management, human resource management and workforce development , data analytics, information and knowledge sharing, to mention just a few.

Steve Jobs "Design is not just what is looks like and feels like, design is how it works" quote.
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VH2 consultants can assist you as small and medium sized businesses owner or manager in enhancing your organisation’s maturity and assist you in developing and implementing new business operating models based on a clear blueprint and roadmap for growth and clarity of the purpose you and your business seek to fulfil. Yet, we acknowledge that the key strengths of your and many other SME organisations, such as agility, a refreshing informality, and lack of unnecessary bureaucracy, must be retained and exploited. By helping, mentoring and coaching you in leading this transformation we will be able to achieve this and transfer knowledge and experience thus ensuring good practices will embed, and assuring change will sustain.

VH2 consultants are all current or former business owners with over 15 years of experience working with SME owners and managers. We and our partners would be pleased to share our experiences and success stories. For instance, in the employment and benefit sector we worked with Pertemps People Development Group and helped them to continue their growth while getting more from their support functions resulting in a significantly enhanced business value. Recognised as innovative, this hugely successful West Midlands company, attracted international attention and has since been acquired by APM.

VH2 consultants have worked with the medical diagnostics company Alliance Medical where we assisted the management of the organisation to implement capability and service development and information systems practices in response to demands from the Department of Health and NHS for more formal working practices, transparency and accountability. This level of formalisation enabled the organisation to attract substantial investments and grow from a mainly national company to gaining a large European presence.

Other involvements have included support to Hi-Q Systems Ltd (acquired by BMT Group), STASYS Ltd (acquired by Lockheed Martin, now Leidos),  PCT Engineering Ltd and a number of other small and medium size charitable and professional networking organisations.

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