Business continues to be ever more challenging with growing uncertainty and pressures arising more often, emanating both from inside and outside of your organisation. The past decades have seen an increased proliferation of computing, information and communication technology that has created a smaller, closer connected, and faster paced world. Consequently, the climate and environment in which your organisation operates has been changing at an ever increasing pace.

You, and the members of your organisation, together with their communities and societies, need to deal with increasing complexity, in particular in time and space dimensions. Whilst this may offer your organisation the benefits of shrinking distances at a global scale, it compresses time and increases the tempo of life which, in turn, forces you and your organisation to be flexible, adaptive and continually innovate.

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  • Designing and Future-Proofing the Business
  • Making the most of the Digital Economy.
  • Ethical and Accountable Business.
  • Internationally Lawful Enterprise
  • Intelligent and Smart Business.
  • Diverse and Productive Workforce.
  • Evolving Responsibly and Sustainably.
quote van haperen 'lets think about this differently'

With our TRANSFORMATIVE methodology we will enable you and your organisation to pursue your core purpose, and then focus on how to exploit these trends to the maximum extent possible, create and sustain your competitive advantage, build a strong, effective and productive workforce,  excite your customers, be valuable to your stakeholder communities, meaningful to the wider society and serve the national interest.


VH2 Consultants have also been involved with shaping and structuring a large number of Macro-Issues, including the ‘Development of a Common Child Protection and Assessment Framework, ‘Operational Cross Force Collaboration in Policing’, ‘Shared Custodial Services across the Prisons Estate’, and ‘Formulating National Strategy’. They are currently involved with key-issues formed by the ‘Integration of Health and Social Care’ [see Research Gate] and ‘Innovation Capability for Medium-sized Businesses’. They are available to help you think through some of your macro-issues and strategic challenges.

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