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The Model Library is an ever expanding resource comprising Root Definitions – Statements of Purpose – various types of Conceptual Models that are provided as text, csv or spreadsheet files to facilitate easy exploration and adoption. The library contains some previously unpublished models, but mainly consists of models that accompany two key books on soft systems thinking and conceptual model building:

Brian Wilson & Kees van Haperen (2015) Soft systems thinking, methodology and the management of change, Palgrave

Brian Wilson (2001) Soft systems methodology, conceptual model building and its contribution, Wiley

The list below comprises a range of categories in which the Library of Models and Model Artefacts (including subsystems, activities, information categories, and measures of performance) have been sorted and that are available in electronic format. The Library remains under development and therefore some categories have been included as place holders for Models and Model artefacts that will be provided in due course. If you wish to access the Library, then browse and select a category or create an account here – Register:

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