Evolving Responsibly and Sustainably

Do you lack a single, clear and complete picture of all your significant change and improvement initiatives, both current and planned? Are your initiatives congruent with your purpose and strategic aims? Are you cognisant of the complex inter-dependencies between them? In hindsight, have you wasted time, money and efforts on the wrong initiatives? Have you suffered from irrelevant ones that, once implemented, brought little value to your business?

John Cleese "I think that money spoils most things, once it becomes the primary motivating force"

You and your organisation would significantly benefit from the implementation of portfolio, programme and / or project management to getting the best and most from your investments and create the right balance between significant change and business as usual improvements. 

VH2 consultants can ensure you embark on the ‘right things’ and help you to ‘do them right’. You and your organisation will ensure that the right programmes and projects will be undertaken, and that redundant and duplicate initiatives are removed. We will assist you in achieving a more effective implementation or redirection of programmes and projects. Increasingly, this involves the use of ‘agile approaches’ to enable you to realise value quickly, whilst not losing site of the bigger picture.

Through an intensive coaching and mentoring programme, VH2 consultants will share their experience and transfer their knowledge, and help you to achieve more efficient resource utilisation and improve cross-organisational collaboration in pursuit of shared goals, and build a lasting delivery capability. In turn, VH2 consultants enable you to achieve enhanced transparency, accountability and corporate governance. You and your organisation will enhance awareness of aggregated risks and achieve greater benefits realisation and return on your investments.

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