A Charity: MND Association

From 2009-2010 a project was undertaken with Warwick Business School (and Decision Consulting) to assist in developing an Information Strategy. If you are interested in downloading any of the project’s model artefacts we would liked to encourage you to make a donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and support their fantastic work. Just click the link to their website:

Model artefacts:

Project Model

  • MNDA Project Statement of Purpose: [download id=”1050″]
  • MNDA Project Conceptual Model: [download id=”1045″]
  • MNDA Project Activities [download id=”1096″]

Charitable Enterprise

  • MNDA Enterprise Statements of Purpose: [download id=”1116″]
  • MNDA Enterprise Activities: [download id=”1107″]
  • MNDA Enterprise High Level Conceptual Model: [download id=”1102″]
  • MNDA Enterprise Conceptual Model: via Palgrave book website (click)