Telecommunications: BT Stepchange

This collection of models and artefacts relate to a few assignments with two of the largest telecommunication companies: BT and Vodafone. The BT project involved the transformation of a the innovation team, known as BT Stepchange, creating new services for the departments within BT Government, either based on BT laboratory or partners’ creations.

The Vodafone project involved their data services and centralisation of these services across their European sites in Northern Ireland, Germany and Italy.

BT Stepchange

The following are the BT Stepchange enterprise and project models and artefacts.

  • BT Stepchange Enterprise Statements of Purpose:
  • BT Stepchange Enterprise High Level Model: [download id=”1187″]
  • BT Stepchange Enterprise Aggregate Model: [download id=”1193″]
  • BT Stepchange Enterprise Activities: [download id=”1200″]

The project model and artefacts.

  • BT Stepchange Transformation Project Statement of Purpose: [download id=”118.”]
  • BT Stepchange Transformation Project Model: [download id=”118.”]